The Forest Kingdom attractions

1. Rope set Bachledova Valley

If you are not afraid of heights and you have enough courage, try a multilevel cable car and water slides. It takes a lot of energy to complete the entire route, but hey, you are a winner, aren’t you? Test your endurance, muscle strength and mind on the largest attraction in the Forest Kingdom – only for the boldest ones..

2. Megatrampoline

Bounce up and down and try to reach the branches of trees on our giant megatrampoline. Try the most popular attraction in the Forest Kingdom, use up your excess energy and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Before entering, don’t forget to take your shoes off and look around when jumping so that you don’t hurt other people.

3. Quadruple

Take your siblings or friends and compete over who will get to the other side first. Be careful when going down, you may hurt yourself!

4. Ram

ready, steady and go! Cooperation is important for the ram to work properly! This attraction can accommodate up to ten children at one time – fun is guaranteed.

5. Workout set with circles

A workout set is here to make all future gymnasts happy. Practice your routine and show it to others.

6. The Experimentator

Is a game set for the youngest visitors aged three and above. It was designed for all those who like to climb, swing or slide.

7. Spider’s House

Do you want to become a spider for a little while? Try upside down or net climbing. After all, fun is contagious!

8. Waves

Experience what it’s like to lose the ground under your feet. Climb carefully, keep your balance and move forward step by step.

9. Carousel Crayon

Quality mechanics, long inertia and high speed – that’s the real fun! The attraction is also suitable for the little ones, as you can regulate the speed of the carousel yourself.

10. Fortress of the Knights of the Dragon Order

Are you brave, bold and not afraid of a dragon? You must be a real knight, then! Get to work and conquer the royal knight’s fortress! Show courage and boldness and become the lord of the fortress!

11. Rope Center Zásada

If you have strong arms, you know how to keep your balance and are competitive, this attraction was made for you! Suitable for everyone who likes fun but avoids heights at all cost.

12. Houses for small children

This is a real mini-world for all mini-visitors. Houses, climbing frames, slides and a sandpit also suitable for two-years-olds. Let them experience something new and enjoy the fresh air and views of the Belianske Tatras.

13. High Rope Center

Do you have strong arms? Can you keep your balance and are not afraid of heights? If your answer is yes, try the High Rope Center!

14. „The Deer“ spring swing

Get to know the world from the back of a deer.

15. Judy with a nest

Rest in the nest or swing up and down. You can try the same on swings, but hold on tight! We do not want you to fall!

16. Anthill

Become an ant and find your way through the tangled tunnels of the anthill. Move forward and don’t be afraid of anything. The anthill is made of quality materials and is designed for all age groups.

17. Nest

After a lot of fun you deserve a good rest. Relax and swing up and down in the comfortable nest after a good lunch or a jumping competition. A great relax for everyone.

A. Hollow trunk

Do you know at what speed and how reliably the sound spreads through a hollow tree? No? You’ll find out in the Forest Kingdom!

B. Tree

In this tree gallery you will learn not only how to distinguish a tree according to the type of wood, but also what is made of a particular wood and what properties different wood has.

C. Tree Gallery

Do you dare to tell which tree is which? Feel the bark, touch the wood, observe the cross section of the trunk. If you’re sure, open the door and see if you were right.

D. Bright rope

Make your brain sweat and take our quiz. If you like educational games on mobile phones, this will be a piece of cake

E. Information board Birds / Nets

Each bird has its own home. Some like birdhouses or hollow trees, others build nests. If you dare, match a home to a bird.

F. Table and benches

A great place to relax or recharge your batteries.

G. The sound of wood

Try the dendrophone – a musical instrument that uses the sound properties of agate wood. Play your favorite song with friends or parents or compose your own ☺